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Terms and Conditions

By placing an order, you agree with our Terms and Conditions.

The following terms apply to all rentals and services provided by Bella Fleurs Events. Please note that deposits are non-refundable.

Placing Orders


To place an order, full payment must be received. A deposit will reserve items for the date specified within the order form. However, the items will not be rendered until full payment has been received 21 days prior the event date. 


Please read over your invoice to make sure your needs/rentals are stated accurately. As we make every effort to clarify your needs, it is your responsibility to clearly state the details of the event and the services you need.


Pricing and invoice may adjust depending on sudden changes from your end during the event. 


Security Deposit


A deposit amounting to 25% of your total payment is required by Bella Fleurs Events to hold the rental items for the date specified in the Invoice Form. This deposit will be substracted toward the remaining balance, which is due 21 days prior the event. The final payment may be in the form of cash, check, money order or credit card. If a payment is made by check, the check amount will have to be cleared before a deposit is considered.


If a payment is made through PayPal or credit card, there is a 3% invoice fee on the placed order. A credit card must also be given as part of the Client’s security deposit to ensure the proper return of all items.


Delivery, Returns & Packaging


All items must be returned within 3 business days after the event date. Kindly note that all rentals must be returned back in the same quality of which they were rented. Replacement fee shall apply in case of damaged rentals. In the event that the Client was not able to return the items after 3 business days, the Client agrees to be charged a minimum of $25 per day for late return fee. 

Bella Fleurs Events ensures that all linens are laundered, folded and pre-counted on delivery. However, please make sure linens are not wet upon returning for it may cause mildew stains. All food, crumbs and such must be wiped off. Tables and chairs must be folded and stacked in the same location as delivered. Linens should be stowed in the bags. If the equipment is unavailable for pick-up on the agreed date and time, an additional charge shall apply. Late hour pick-ups can be arranged for an additional charge. All items being delivered will be “curbside delivery” for the renter to set-up. This means renter will stack items within 25 feet from lessor’s vehicle which also goes for picked-up items. Otherwise, renter agrees to pay additional labor charges.



Venues must allow Bella Fleurs Events a reasonable amount of time in which to set-up rentals and breakdown.

Event Cancellation

In most cases, orders may be cancelled at least 30 days prior your event date. However, full deposit amount will be charged and are non-refundable. Your order is not cancelled until you receive an Order Cancellation Confirmation email from Bella Fleurs Events.


Please note that orders that are cancelled less than 30 days prior the event date are non-refundable. Please note that if your rental has to be specially ordered for your event, you will not be able to cancel the rental. Cancellation fees cover the cost that Bella Fleurs Events has incurred for turning away potential customers in order to secure the rental items for your event. 


Inspection & Guarantees


The Client acknowledges that they are personally responsible for inspecting the rental items prior their use on the event date and find them suitable for use before the event date.


Pre-used linens are laundered, and folded into a bin for easy transport. Press or Iron service can be requested for a small fee which will be hung on hangers for transport. Notification of any defects or missing items to Bella Fleurs Events must be made before the event date.


Bella Fleurs Events makes every attempt to fulfill the order. In rare cases that some items are missing before the event date, we will try our best to get the missing orders before the event date. If this is not possible, a refund will be granted for the rental cost of the missing items. The Client acknowledges that there are no warranties on these items from minor defects unless ordered brand new, as there may be some minor defects on items from normal wear and tear that are not readily apparent. These defects or missing items do not constitute a breach of contract on Bella Fleurs Event's part. Bella Fleurs Events shall not be liable to the Client for any loss, delay or damage of any kind resulting from defects or inefficiency of the rented property or accidental breakage




The Client understands that it is their responsibility to ensure the proper fit and color of the rental items. Samples are offered for two weeks to make sure of this, with a cash deposit. Once the samples have been returned, your cash deposit will be returned to you or you may put the cash towards your rental. deposit amount. If you put down a rental deposit without getting samples, refunds will not be granted in the case that the fitting, size, color, or texture does not match.



Damaged/Unreturned Items


The Customer will be responsible to pay for any incidents including but not limited to damaged, lost, altered, or stolen items. Except for reasonable rental usage, all items must be returned in their normal condition. Bella Fleurs Events can take out most stains. However, for each item returned with tears, wine stains, candles burns, silly string stains or wax marks that may be damaged beyond repair, the Client authorizes the use of their credit card to be automatically charged. An administrative charge will be applied on the Customer’s credit card or a payment may be made for each damaged item including the full purchase amount for each item or any other replacement costs at Bella Fleurs Events' discretion. You may keep the damaged rental.


If litigation were to occur to recover for damages caused to or loss of such property, Client also agrees to pay Bella Fleurs Events the reasonable attorney fees and court costs.


Please note that we strictly prohibit the use and/or attachment of staples, tacks, glue tape, notes and streamers to tables, chairs or linens.



Item Quantities


Item quantities must be confirmed 30 days prior the event. An increase of item quantities are subject to availability and is not guaranteed. It must also be paid before the event date. The Client may drop the item quantity amount by no more than 20% within 30 days prior to the event date. A small fee will be charged equivalent to 10% of the rental cost of the dropped amount. This fee is to cover the costs that Bella Fleurs Events must incur for reserving the items for this date.




The Client understands that a breach of contract will result in collections of fees by Bella Fleurs Events. The Client will therefore be responsible for all fees associated with the collection process, including NSF check fees, attorney fees and litigations fees, in the event that the contract has been breached.




By making a payment, placing orders, or receiving products, the Client agrees to the terms within this contract. Any amendments to the contract must be made in writing. If a facsimile is sent in, Bella Fleurs Events also requests an original copy to be sent in; however, both copies are not needed to bind the contract.


Limits of Liability


While every reasonable effort will be made to produce and deliver outstanding products and services, the entire liability of our rentals and services to the Client for any claim or loss arising from performance is limited to a refund to the Client of the amount paid for services. In the unlikely event of personal illness or other circumstances beyond the control of Bella Fleurs Events, a substitute business acceptable to you may be sent to fulfill the obligations of our rentals or services.


Bella Fleurs Events shall not be liable to the Client for any loss, delay or damage of any kind resulting from defects or inefficiency of the rented property or accidental breakage. In such case that the Client declines the substitution, the Client may terminate this agreement and receive a full refund of all moneys paid. Bella Fleurs Events will not be held liable for the finished product or incomplete coverage in the event of tardiness of the wedding party or time restrictions placed on Bella Fleurs Events by Client or any outside vendors, including clergy or church restrictions and/or policies on the day of the event. It is the Client’s sole responsibility to pull any permits and fees required by the renter’s local authorities. The Client holds the right to remove any rental property due to weather or Mother Nature at any time. The Client  will be held responsible and liable for any and all damage or injury occurring for any reason whatsoever.


Upon booking Bella Fleurs Events' services, the Client ultimately agrees, fully understands and accepts the conditions as stated above. The Client is aware that while in his/her care, he/she is fully responsible for the inflatable and will pay for any loss or damages that may occur.

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